These works are on  archival paper made with acrylic, watercolor, pastel, ink and charcoal.  I would be happy to do giclees or  canvas variations for your specific site.   For the last thirty years I have worked with  interior designers and galleries and architects to create specific work for various  personal art collectors and other environmental projects.  I do works on paper, canvas, stainless steel, aluminum and sometimes bronze.   I welcome new challenges.  Sometimes I do paintings on metal but these are large and abstract  and echo Kandinsky and not Persian design.  With our close contact with the Middle East and my study of Middle Eastern and Indian art , fabric, kilims and, carpets  I marvel   at the passionate shapes and colors.  It is my hope to bring that joy to the  Western sensibility steeped in fascination with morbid political and social statements in  art.   I wish to revel in the aesthetics of joy.ype your paragraph here.